Tecnisea Maritime Agency



Fully Integrated Maritime Agency

“A dynamic business world, demand us to be quick, efficient and flexible.  Only by having a fully integrated maritime shipping service can we achieve this goal”

Our service covers all ports in the Ecuadorian coast, with port offices in Guayaquil, Libertad and Esmeraldas and services in Puerto Bolivar and Manta, we are licensed to work on all terminals in the mainland.

We can handle any cargo and vessel

We specialized in Oil tankers, project, break bulk and bulk cargoes and have a long history tackling full project cargoes such as delivering Eolic tower to Galapagos protected reserve and oil pipes to job sites in the amazon jungle.  As well as trucks, machinery and other non standard cargo.  We also have extensive experience with Oil Tanker Vessels and Bunker Only Calls "BOC calls" for fuel provision.

Husbandry services

We offer full logistic support for husbandry matters such as: crew services, spare part delivery, cash to master delivery, garbage disposal, food and water provision and any other need your vessel or crew requests.

DA, Proformas and Accounting

As part of our commitment with great service and security we have our own D.A. and accounting departments ready to answer with proformas or financial statements, as needed.

“An excellent service happens before, during and after a port call”


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PBX: +593 4 4625887

Operations - Jorge Torres

Proformas - Mafer Zalamar

DA Accounts - Ricardo Aguiar

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